7 Gallon PICO All-In-One Acrylic Tank - Fiji Cube

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Build your pico reef setup or a frag tank for frag swap with Fiji Cube PICO 7 Gallon All-In-One Tank. This acrylic built tank measures 14 inch Long x 14 inch Wide x 8.5 inch Tall. The all-in-one filtration system comes with a 2-shelf design media basket that forces water through the media to maximize filtration. This beautiful acrylic tank can be used in the events of frag swap, nano set-up and more.

The tank includes:
  • 1x Fiji Cube PICO 7 Gallon All-In-One Tank
  • 1x Media Basket
  • 1x Plumbing Kit (Loc-Line)
  • 1x Fiji Cube Submersible Quiet Water Pump
  • 1x Mechanical Filtration Foam

*LED lights and Frag Rack are not included and are for photo display only. Can be purchased as an add-on in lighting and frag rack collections. 



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