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Fiji Cube Advanced Hang On Back Refugium Box - Medium

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Fiji Cube Hang On Refugium Box is a great option for good algae growing to help control nutrients in your tank, as well as ideal conditions for harboring micro fauna. The refugium box comes with an efficient pump and features a unique baffle system. This prevents the substrate and organism from being disturbed yet also allows enough water to flow through to eliminate any stagnant areas. The refugium also provides the environment to cultivate small organisms such as copepods and amphipods, to feed invertebrates and fish in the main tank. Refugiums are also a great way to introduce new fish or coral to a tank while giving them a place to feed and acclimate to a new system.

Fiji Cube Hang On Refugium Box features full brace support to prevent bowing. The unique hang on support system provides robust hang on back on your aquarium for extra safety margin. The brace design also features test probe and dosing tube holders to make the aquarium system complete.


  • Convenient and robust hang-on design
  • Full top brace support
  • Spacious chamber design for refugium, segregation or acclimation purpose
  • Probe and dosing tube holders
  • Full cast acrylic for extra strength
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • Display tank lighting and/or refugium lighting mount support (removeable)
  • Efficient and powerful pump



Distance between Two Hang on Arms

Hang On Refugium Box – Medium



Hang On Refugium Box – Large



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