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InnoReef W-10 Wave Maker / Wave Pump

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    Creating the natural wave found in the nature with InnoReef W series Wave-maker / Wave-pump has never been more simple. InnoReef W series Wave-maker / Wave-pump kit comes with a controller that allow wave current adjustments that suit your needs to create the healthy environment for your aquarium. 

    W-series Wavemaker Features.

    • Unique control system allows to wave off different types of multiple function

    • Strong magnetic base support to allow free positioning

    • Low voltage DC electronic pump with variable frequency provides a safe environment for use

    • Ceramic shaft for extended life and durability

    • Silent and propeller style wave pump with adjustable flow from 20% to 100% with control system

    • Feed mode to stop operation for 10 minutes to allow food to be eaten

    • Night mode - automatically light sensing to switch to night mode operation - slower wave movement

    • Extra-long cable

     Wave Pump


    Maximum Flow Rate

    Tank Size


    10W Max

    1058 GPH

    <40 Gallon or 24 Inch Length


    23W Max

    2100 GPH

    <100 Gallon or 36 Inch


    40W Max

    3400 GPH

    <200 Gallon or 60 Inch



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