Fiji Cube Triton Sump Baffle Kit - 40 Gallon Standard

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Make your Triton Sump with our Triton Sump Kit! This DIY sump kit is designed to convert a 40 gallon breeder glass aquarium tank into a fully functional triton sump. Please see the sump baffle DIY build thread here.


  • High quality baffle slots that allow customization of spaces for large refugium, protein skimmer, media reactor and other equipment
  • Adjustable water level (8” to 13.5”) to meet your protein skimmer water height requirement
  • 2 Media trays to hold bio-foams and/or media
  • Cast acrylic – ¼” thick
  • Silicone ready
  • This kit will fit Aqueon, Marineland, Tetra and Top Fin 40 Gallon Breeder Aquarium Tank

**The glass tank and the protein skimmer are not included and are for product photo display only.



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