Warranty Information

Limited Warranty:

A: One Year (365 days) for Sump and general products, 18 months (540 days) for Glass Aquarium, 24 months (730 days) for full set aquariums, 6 months (180 days) for pumps and 3 months (90 days) for DIY products such as Sump Kit, AIO DIY Kit and Overflow Box

  • Cosmetic related claims must be reported before the use of products and within 7 days of product receipt. Cosmetic claims on used products are not covered under warranty.
  • The warranty is not transferable and is confined to the original purchaser only.
  • Used/second-hand products do not carry a manufacturer warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover for: personal injury, property loss or damage, including livestock or equipment damage (direct, incidental or consequential) arising out of use of the product
  • A PROOF OF PURCHASE from an authorized dealer must be provided when making a warranty claim. Any time a copy of receipt cannot be provided, the product is considered “out of warranty”
  • Customer requesting for warranty service must send the request to info@fijicube.com before sending anything back. We do not offer warranty until a request is made.
  • For items damaged during shipping, it must be return back to the place of purchase (not manufacture) for exchange.
  • For items which might have cosmetic damages, proof of cosmetic damage must be taken in product's original packaging
  • Customer requesting for exchange parts must send in request. Parts may have to be sent back before replacement parts are sent out.
  • Customers are responsible to pay any postage, shipping fees to return/parts back for service.
    B: Warranty void if:
    • The product is modified, damaged, misused, run dry, abused, dropped and tampered with.
    • The product is not purchased from Fiji Cube authorized dealers.
    • The product is purchase from second hand used.
    • Glass tank is not used on Fiji Cube stands (case by case)
    • Glass tank, sump and/or water holding product is not placed on leveling surface
      C: Warning:
      • As aquarium hobby is highly DIY, Fiji Cube will not be responsible for consequential damages arising from installation or use of the products. Liability under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing at Fiji Cube’s discretion. Fiji Cube will also not be liable for any cost of removal, installation, transportation, or any other charges which may arise in a warranty claim. Fiji Cube will not be liable for any damages around surrounding area of the products