4" Diameter Quiet Filter Sock Holder - Quiet Operation with a 200 Micron Filter Sock

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Fiji Cube’s Quiet Filter Sock Holders are easy-to-install filter bag holder for any sump filtration system.  This filter sock design allows water to flow through the designed chamber to reduce the noise from the drain. It also has a cover to prevent splashes from the drain which helps to keep your sump surrounded clean and nice. The addition of filter sock to your sump enhances mechanical filtration, which helps reduce the amount of ammonia-producing organic matter in your aquarium.  It also helps prevent larger objects such as sand, crabs, and snails from damaging pump motors, as well as unsightly aquarium debris.  Micron socks (4” 200 micron felt) included.


  • Quiet operation design
  • Silencer plate
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • Micron sock (4” 200 micron)
  • Can be use on acrylic or glass tank
  • Maximum 1” of glass tank or brace thickness
  • Budget friendly

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