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Fiji Cube 108 Gallon w/External Overflow Rimless Tank

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External overflow tanks have become a popular tank choice in the reef keeping hobby in recent years because of its highly customizable opportunity in filtration and full potential in aquascaping. Fiji Cube launches a series of ultra-clear low iron glass nano tank with Fiji Cube’s low-profile external overflow design. The attractiveness and uniqueness of the Fiji Cube external overflow glass aquarium tanks stand out with its slim overflow design and extra thick glass selection to build the tanks best in class in design and quality. The simple plug and play design of the overflow box only makes the set up easier and better. All Fiji Cube tanks are built with ultra-clear low iron glass.

All the Fiji Cube EXT aquarium tanks come with the appropriate size of external overflow and return nozzle kit. The overflow box is full cast acrylic made with low profile design and quality in mind. For smaller EXT tank packages, the “Herbie” overflow design features efficient and quiet flow, and still have safety margin of prevention of accidental spillage and blockage. Incorporating animal beam style overflow is always possible with Fiji Cube’s overflow boxes. For larger EXT tank packages, “Bean Animal” overflow design can be a plumbing option.


    • Rimless ultra-clear low iron glass with Fiji Cube’s external overflow box
    • Black silicon
    • Beveled edge
    • Rubber leveling mat
    • Removable black film on back glass
    • Low profile and slim overflow box design
    • Silent and safe “Herbie” overflow design
    • Removable inner overflow box
    • Dual return jet kit included

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