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Fiji Cube 32 Holes Magnetic Coral Frag Rack with Plug Locking System

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Grow your coral frags with Fiji Cube Magnetic Frag Rack. This frag rack features a simple yet clever design that allows for flexible placement of coral fragments (frags) for coral growth. The slim acrylic construction and low-profile design reduce visual clutter in your aquarium.

This frag rack features Fiji Cube Plug Locking system which locks your frag plugs in placed without worrying snails, crab, and even waves knocking your coral frags off. The frag hole size is ½” in diameter which fit most frag plugs available in the market.

The magnets are made of N52 triple coated Neodymium magnet and waterproof sealed with cell cast acrylic. The magnetic mounts help secure the frag rack anywhere in the tank and the strong magnets that come along with the rack will keep a fully filled rack with frags fixed in its position. This rack is also easily adjustable to meet the needs of lighting requirement or water movement. 

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