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Fiji Cube 57 Gallon Shallow External Overflow Rimless Tank (FREE Fiji-24 Sump)

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Term and conditions for Buy One Glass Tank, Free One Sump promotion 

This promotion is only available for a limited time and while supplies last. The promotion applies to Fiji Cube External Overflow Rimless Glass Tanks only.

For a purchase of: 

  • Fiji Cube 48 Gallon External Overflow Tank, you will receive a free Fiji Cube Fiji 15 Advanced Reef Sump
  • Fiji Cube 57 Gallon, 76 Gallon, 81 Gallon or 108 Gallon External Overflow Tank, you will receive a free Fiji Cube Fiji 24 Advanced Reef Sump
  • Fiji Cube 142 Gallon or 171 Gallon External Overflow Tank, you will receive a free Fiji Cube Fiji 30 Advanced Reef Sump

All orders will ship after November 1, 2020. No returns for purchase if purchased from this promotion. Upgrades to different sumps are available with additional charges. Please email

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EXT Shallow

The external overflow tank is a popular tank choice in the reef keeping hobby in recent years because of its highly customizable options in its filtration setup and its opportunity in maximizing space for aquascaping. Fiji Cube launches a series of ultra-clear low iron glass aquariums with Fiji Cube’s low-profile external overflow design. The attractiveness and uniqueness of the Fiji Cube external overflow glass aquarium tanks stand out with its slim overflow design and extra thick glass selection, achieving the best in class tanks in both design and quality. The simple plug and play design of the overflow box only makes the set up easier and better. All Fiji Cube tanks are built with ultra-clear low iron glass.

All Fiji Cube EXT aquarium tanks come with the appropriate size of external overflow and return nozzle kit. The overflow box is made of full cast acrylic and features a low profile design. For smaller EXT tank packages, the “Herbie” overflow design features efficient and quiet flow, as well as an emergency drain for added safety. Incorporating animal bean style overflow is possible with Fiji Cube’s overflow boxes. For larger EXT tank packages, “Bean Animal” overflow design can be a plumbing option.


48G EXT Shallow

57G EXT Shallow

76G EXT Shallow


External Overflow with Dual Return System.

Slim profile and removable surface skimmer weir box that provides aesthetic display and practicality.

High quality acrylic construction overflow box with heat-bended acrylic and top braced external box.

Herbie or Animal Beam overflow to run a quiet and safe overflow into your sump.



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