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Fiji Cube AIO Box All-in-One Kit 3rd Gen - 20 Gallon Long

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Build your All-in-One (AIO) aquarium with Fiji Cube AIO box to maximize the fun of the aquarium hobby. Just drop this AIO box into a standard aquarium that is readily available in the market and your all-in-one aquarium will be ready to roll. We have designed this AIO box to maximize the filtration potential and minimize the effort, time and cost to DIY an All-in-One aquarium.

This AIO kit is a quick and great solution to setup another tank for both saltwater reef and freshwater aquarium. It is suitable to be used as a quick DIY solution for a display, hospital, frag growth tank, and many more. This kit will fit in a Marineland, Tetra and Aqueon standard aquarium tank.

The AIO DIY kit includes:

  • Fiji Cube All-in-One Box
  • Filter Sock Holder with Filter Sock
  • Plumbing Kit with Adjustable Nozzle
  • A pair of magnets and a pair of acrylic clamps for temporary placement of AIO Kit

*This AIO box comes with a pair of magnets and a pair of acrylic clamps to secure the AIO box in the tank. Use of silicone seal for permanent placement is highly recommended but is optional. Be sure to add media or "weight" into the box to prevent floating.

*The water pump and glass tank aquarium is not included and is used for photo display only.


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